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I may describe myself as a very romantic and female person. I am very sensitive and compassionate. All these features have influenced greatly upon the choice of my future job. I am working as a nurse. Is it worth telling that my job requires charity and compassion? I think these are the main professional and human values. Sure, my sociability helps me greatly in my work either. Kind word, sympathetic glance and attention treats better that any other medicine. My parents have inculcated love to traveling in me since my childhood. It so much agrees with the peculiarities of my romantic character. I love coolness and peace of Old Prague. I have already been to Montenegro, Serbia and Hungary. I recall it on long winter evenings. I recall all trips I have had, walks around old towns, I recall my impressions connected with this sweet time. I like to sit in a comfortable armchair, covering myself with a soft plaid, keeping my sweet cat Dasha on the knees. Strong, distinctive people always draw my attention. I know for sure that I can give every support and warm encouragement to the man who needs female care and tenderness, who, like me, strongly believes in romantic relations and great pure love. I will let him to be the leader in our relations. On my hand I will be a close friend and helpmate to him in all his affairs.

I’m vivacious, cheerful, cute, charming and friendly girl. As a future teacher I like communicating with people, finding out some new things about our unbounded world! I think the life is beautiful and some day it will present me something special. And now I’m just enjoying the each day of it. My heart is open and soul is pure. I like helping people, that really gives me pleasure. I like feeling necessary that is why I chose the teacher profession. I’m dreaming about true real relationship which will make me happy! In my free time I prefer learning foreign languages, it enables me to find out more about different people from other interesting countries, this new knowledge develops me, makes me cleverer, more educated. I’m fond of travelling very much and there are a lot of countries I’d love to visit! I often go with my friends to the cinema, visit music concerts of our favourite groups. At summer we go to the seashore, lie on the beach listening to the whisper of sea waves and the cries of gulls. I want to meet a cute, educated, kind, romantic, reliable and faithful man with a sense of humour, who knows what it means to love a woman, who can respect, protect and cherish her. I’d like him to be my staunch friend and loving husband, the shoulder I will always be able to rely on. I desire to look into his eyes and see there the fire of burning hot love.

I’m a purposeful girl, who is confident in herself and who knows what she wants. I’m a kind and caring woman. My friends value that I’m understanding, wise and sincere person. If I find my special man I’ll be a faithful partner for him. I value family relations. I love children very much, because they really are flowers of the life. I’m an all-rounder person. I support healthy way of the life and I like swimming, running and aerobics. I like learning new languages. I like spending time on the nature with my friends. I like historical and spiritual literature. In my free time. I like cooking, listening to classical and dancing music. I also like dancing.

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