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Turn time tracking into a task so easy that your team will enjoy it.

No credit card required


Easy time tracking methods

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Why spend 5-10 minutes per day entering a handful of made up time entries, instead of time tracking the truth in less than 1 minute per day?

  • Did you ever want to shake hands with your time? Our 8-sided time Tracker makes it possible. Simply put the next activity facing up and it starts tracking.

  • Track time of your tasks without interrupting your workflow. Hit one global shortcut, choose the task you want to track, and voilá.

  • Hit a play button, click and drag, copy and paste, or double click to fill your timesheet. It’s as simple as that. Use it both for offline and online time tracking.

  • Our mobile apps can be used as a companion to the desktop version for tracking on-the-go, or be used as a ‘lite’ standalone version.

  • Did you ever had a gap in your timesheet and couldn’t remember what you did? Automatic context tracking fills gaps with context from your calendars or from apps you used at certain times. All data is stored only locally and strictly available only to you.

Time-off and work hours tracking

Track any leave. Keep over-hours in check.

  • Admins can set work hours per week and days for anyone. Do you have a special contract like 21h with 3 days per week split 6h + 6h + 9h? You can configure it all.

  • Paid leave, sick leave, and all other types of leave can be added with one click.

  • Based on configured work hours and requested leave, Timeular automatically calculates over- and minus-hours.

  • Easily see and communicate leave totals to your payroll or HR department.

monitor budgets

No more worrying about exceeding budgets

Track budgets so that you can monitor the progress and profitability of projects. Instantly identify those at risk of exceeding budgets and shift your team onto projects where their time is needed the most.

billable time

25% more billable hours without cheating

Sending a quick email, joining a short meeting and another small task may not seem worthy of tracking but all the little things do add up. With an app tracking in real time, you can include even the smallest tasks and confidently bill more time.

Time tracking device

Timeular Tracker

Make time tracking tactile. Build a habit using muscle memory and a powerful physical reminder. Design your very own Tracker – use stickers for your activities or colors to match your work day.

increase customer loyalty

Increase transparency with accurate reports

Banish uncertainty by building an accurate breakdown of activities over time. Export your data and attach it to your invoice or report. Tidy things up by rounding up or down according to your needs.

Work-life balance: Make sure to keep overtime in check

Good managers get projects done. Great managers get them done without asking employees to sacrifice their private time. Keep working hours under control with an overtime tracking feature

Improve estimations: Know how long things take for real

Estimating tasks is like building a muscle which you can’t improve without measuring how long things take for real. Track time and week over week your estimations will become more reliable.

Seamless integration

3,000+ integrations for invoicing, payroll and more

Connect your favourite apps with the Timeular time tracking software. Use our integrations or create your own using our public API.


Bring together the power of Jira with the ease of tracking time with Timeular. Sync Jira with Timeular and track time against projects and issues.


Enjoy the simplicity of Timeular without having to migrate everything over from Toggl. The integration will play back time entries from Timeular to Toggl.


Enjoy the simplicity of Timeular without having to give up invoicing with Harvest. The integration will play back time entries from Timeular to Harvest.


Connect 3,000+ apps to your favorite tools without writing a single line of code. Track time and set a process in motion automatically.


See how your time spent correlates with time planned. Track time with Timeular and push your time entries to your calendar.

Privacy and Security at the core

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Employees need to feel safe and trusted, which is essential to getting honest and accurate timesheets. Timeular goes to great lengths to protect the privacy of your company and your employees.

GDPR compliant

Unlike many other time-tracking tools, Timeular is fully compliant with GDPR regulations, ensuring that user data is protected and privacy rights are respected.


Employees will only track time honestly if they don’t feel monitored in real time. Therefore Timeular has a 24h delay for time entries to appear on the managers side.

10,000+ companies and counting

Replicate the success of other companies using Timeular

Everyone has testimonials on their website. We have fans.

“No more “lost” time spent on projects but not invoiced to the customer.”

“We’ve been able to bill clients more transparently and identified tasks that could be handed off, freeing up management’s time.”

“We are much better at accurately tracking our time, which improves client billing. It also helps our team focus on their work rather than skipping around from one task to another.”

“A better understanding of how long each step takes and an easier way to invoice for work. Clients love the reports I get right from Timeular.”

Start tracking time with Timeular today

Increase profitability and bill accurately with the most effortless time tracking tool on the market. Never chase a timesheet again!

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