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100% Effortless Overtime Tracker App

Timeular is a leading employee overtime tracking app that automatically records extra hours worked. It calculates both overtime and deficit hours based on configured work schedules and requested leave.

Join over 50,000 users worldwide


Combine software and a physical Tracker


Track overtime in a fast and simple way


Don’t chase timesheets ever again


What is an overtime tracker?

An overtime tracker is software that assists employees, managers, and HR in automatic overtime tracking. It helps to maintain control over work hours, streamlines workload management and overtime pay, optimizes employee schedules, reduces employee overtime costs, and ensures compliance with labor laws. 


Why choose Timeular as your overtime tracker?

Looking for efficient overtime tracking software? Just found it!

tactile overtime tracker


You can track work time with a physical Tracker

There are multiple ways to track time with Timeular. One of them is using a physical Tracker – an 8-sided dice that sits on your desk fostering a time tracking habit.



…or in multiple different ways

Choose the overtime tracking method that suits your work style best. You can flip the optional physical Tracker, use keyboard shortcuts or rely on automatic tracking. Each way is 100% effortless, fast, and accurate.


It’s a real time saver

Manual time tracking can be a time-consuming hassle. Imagine reducing time spent on daily time tracking from over 30 minutes to just a few seconds a day. Well, with Timeular, this ideal vision becomes your new reality!



Accurate timesheets guaranteed 

A seamless way to track overtime results in consistent time logging. This, in turn, translates into accurate timesheets and client billing. With this effortless and enjoyable experience, you can bid farewell to unrecorded overtime hours worked!

work hours reports


No timesheet chasing

With automatic time reports, all you have to do is track your overtime work, and the timesheets are generated automatically. Managers can access detailed reports with a 24-hour delay, promoting privacy and avoiding micromanagement.

Join over 50,000 users

“People complain a lot less about time tracking now because of the easy interface of Timeular. It’s made time tracking a lot less of an obstacle and much more accessible.”

“Tracking in Timeular has increased the amount of hours worked that are reported. Before some things were forgotten and missed off.”

“We have become 20% more profitable because everyone is in the habit of time tracking.”

Timeular is a godsend for people like me who get easily distracted. No longer will I look back at my day and say “what was I doing between 10 am and 1 pm?

Timeular is the best thing since sliced bread. Unless you are billing your time tracking on top, get this tool.


How to track overtime with Timeular?

Tracking time in Timeular is simple. A streamlined time tracking process helps to capture real time data to effortlessly keep track of total hours worked. This, in turn, ensures accurate timesheets, correct overtime wages and abidance by the federal and state laws.

work hours tracking – sign up


Set up a free account

Start a 30-day trial. Register with your Google, Apple, or Microsoft account to make things quick.

invite your team members


Invite your entire team to track hours together 

Timeular lets you track time individually or in a team. To track overtime of all team members, simply invite them to your workspace. 

setting up folders


Set working hours per week or month

Admins can set how many hours should be worked per week and days for each team member. You can configure it all, even special work schedules like 21h with 3 days per week split 6h + 6h + 9h.

setting work activities and tasks


Create folders and add activities to be tracked

List all the tasks and work activities you want to track and group them into projects to keep things clear. This will help you identify overtime trends in specific projects and teams.

start tracking work time your way


Start tracking work time and overtime

Choose the overtime tracking method that best fits your preferences and start tracking overtime hours your way. Both your regular and overtime hours will calculated automatically, eliminating the need for manual time entries.

generate detailed reports


Generate powerful reports on employee overtime

Generate work hours and overtime reports with one click to keep extra hours under control. It helps you to quickly calculate overtime pay and review the workload.


Your employee overtime tracker – key features you will love

Tracking with a team

Timeular is an employee overtime tracker used by both individuals and teams, who want to track time together for streamlined project management.

Automatic timesheets

Automatically populate your timesheets thanks to automatic time tracking feature which saves information on visited apps and websites.

Automatic reminders

Get automatic reminders to track time. If your time entry is too long, you will get a notification to make sure you are tracking the right task.

Offline tracking

Are you working excessive hours while commuting? Log time entries wherever you are, with or without an Internet connection.

Desktop app and web app

Gain direct access to Timeular by downloading the desktop app. Alternatively, choose the web app to use it without the need for any installation.

Mobile app

Tracking time on a mobile phone is simple, too. Our mobile apps can be used as a companion to the desktop app or as a ‘lite’ standalone version.

3,000+ integrations

Connect Timeular to your tools, i.e. your task management or payroll software. Use native integrations or build your own, using our API.

GDPR compliant

Unlike many other employee time tracking software, Timeular ensures that all the data is protected and privacy rights are respected.

Anti-surveillance system

To foster honest time tracking, managers have access to data with a 24-hour delay, ensuring employees don’t feel constantly monitored.


Timeular is much more than an overtime tracker

Billable hours tracker

Label each activity as billable or non-billable to track the time spent on each project and client, and invoice 100% of your logged hours. 

Work hours tracker

Timeular is a working hours tracker adopted by over 50,000 users who have opted for a hassle-free way to precisely monitor their work hours.

Time clock app

Effortlessly clock in and out, track employee hours, and manage employee schedules. Create one-click time reports for HR and clients.

Leave tracker

Easily manage all types of leaves in one place. Create attendance reports and manage overtime to calculate overtime based on configured work schedules and requested leave.

Timesheet app

Timeular has revolutionized time tracking and timesheet management. It enables users to track time effortlessly in seconds, leaving manual time tracking behind.

Automatic time tracker

You can always retrieve your Monday morning activities thanks to the automatic time tracking feature. Rest assured, all this data remains private and exclusively accessible to you.

Productivity tracker

As a productivity tracker, Timeular helps you understand where your time goes, simplifies performance tracking, and empowers you to make every minute count.

Team time tracker

Track employee time spent on projects and tasks to streamline workload management. Invite internal and external employees to keep work logs and workforce costs together.

Time entry system

Timeular offers a hassle-free system for logging hours. Select from user-friendly entry methods to record your work time, eliminating manual timekeeping.


Start tracking overtime with the most effortless overtime tracker app

Join over 50,000 users who made a choice to track overtime with no effort


How to keep employee overtime in check?

To keep employee overtime in check, it’s essential to establish clear and consistent overtime rules, monitor and track hours worked, encourage efficient time management, and consider hiring additional staff or redistributing workload when necessary. Effective communication with employees about the importance of managing overtime is also key.

Does Timeular work for remote teams?

Of course! Timeular is suitable for both remote teams and on-site teams. The Timeular team works 100% remotely and all of us use Timeular every day.

Is Timeular available for unlimited users and projects?

You can use Timeular individually or in a team by inviting unlimited users to join your workspace. You can track activities within unlimited projects.