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Payroll Tracker: 100% Effort-Free

As a Payroll Time Tracker, Timeular syncs with your accounting software, encourages regular time logging, manages leaves and overtime, and auto-calculates billable hours for an efficient payroll process

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Smooth integrations with payroll and invoicing tools


Work hours, overtime and leaves tracked in a single app 


Physical time tracking device ensures accurate timesheets 


What is a Payroll Time Tracker?

Payroll Time Tracker is an online time tracking tool that helps to stay on top of employee work hours, time off and overtime in one place to streamline payroll management. 


How Timeular speeds up your payroll processes

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An optional physical Tracker fosters time tracking habit

Timeular is widely known for its hardware Tracker that connects to the app via Bluetooth. Your team can personalize it with vibrant stickers and pens, placing it on their desk as a tangible prompt to keep track of time at work.


Simple time tracking promotes accurate time logs

How much time does your spend on creating timesheets? With Timeular it’s less than 1 minute a day!

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Work time, overtime and leaves tracked in a single app

Track employee attendance, run overtime calculations and manage paid time off for both on-site and remote workers.


Streamlined integration with payroll and invoicing software

Simplify your payroll calculations by integrating Timeular with your payroll software and invoicing tools.

work hours reports

Billable hours tracking

Billable time is tracked automatically

Tag activities as either billable or non-billable, then allocate appropriate hourly rates to these tagged activities or to the team members undertaking them.


Automatic time tracking

Fill in your time sheets automatically based on app usage, visited websites and scheduled calendar events. This ensures accurate record-keeping, even if employees neglect to log their hours manually. 


Advance reporting features

Remove the hassle of chasing payroll timesheets. Timeular simplifies the process, offering an automated way to track employee time for a chosen pay period – be it daily, weekly, or monthly.

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“People complain a lot less about time tracking now because of the easy interface of Timeular. It’s made time tracking a lot less of an obstacle and much more accessible.”

“It’s always been a challenge getting the team to provide decent, accurate documentation. Timeular has removed this challenge”

“Before some things were forgotten and missed off. Now the whole day is in Timeular and we have all of the information we need.”

Timeular is a godsend for people like me who get easily distracted. No longer will I look back at my day and say “what was I doing between 10 am and 1 pm?

Timeular is the best thing since sliced bread. Unless you are billing your time tracking on top, get this tool.


Payroll Time Tracker – advanced features you will love

Tracking with a team

Boost collaboration for both on-site and remote teams. Share folders, leave notes and tags visible to all, and create individual and team reports.

Project budget tracking

Set hourly rates and project budgets for accurate time tracking. Get notified as you approach limits to prevent undercharging.

3,000+ integrations

Sync Timeular with Xero or Quickbooks to streamline your payroll process. Opt for ready-to-use integrations or create your own, using API.

Automated reminders

Receive automatic prompts to log time. If an entry runs long, a notification ensures you’re recording the correct task.

Mobile app

Track time on your mobile device with our mobile app, a perfect pair to the desktop version or as a simple standalone tool.

Offline tracking

Log time for different tasks, online and offline. Record time entries from any location, with or without internet access.

GDPR compliant

Unlike many payroll time trackers, Timeular is fully GDPR compliant, protecting your data and maintaining your privacy.

Anti-surveillance policy

To promote transparent time tracking, managers view data with a 24-hour delay, so employees don’t feel under constant surveillance.

Two language versions

Switch the system language to English or German to make time entries in your chosen language and tailor the tool to your preferences.


How to track time in Timeular?

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Set up a free account

Start a 30-day trial. Register with your Google, Apple, or Microsoft account to make things quick.

invite your team members


Invite your team members to track time together

As employee time tracking software, Timeular lets you track time individually or in a team.



Integrate Timeular with your accounting software

To ensure a continuous flow of time tracking data striaght to your accounting or invoicing software, integrate your account with Quickbooks, Xero or other tools with a few simple steps.

setting up folders


Define activities and assign them to projects

List all the tasks and activities you want to track, categorize them as billable or non-billable to accumulate billable hours, and group them into projects to keep things clear.

start tracking work time your way


Start tracking time

Select the time tracking method that best fits your preferences, whether it’s through a hardware time Tracker, automated time tracking, or keyboard shortcuts.

generate detailed reports


Generate detailed reports with one click

Effortlessly generate time tracking reports and download them in PDF format. Create invoices and send custom reports to your customers, employers, or HR.

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Timeular is much more than a Payroll Time Tracker

Time tracking app

Want a hassle-free solution for precise timesheets without the effort? Check out the Timeular time tracking app!

Time clock app

Use your time tracking software as a time clock app. Seamlessly log work start and end times and oversee staff schedules with just a few clicks.

Timer app

Timeular is the ultimate timer app that transforms how you track time, blending effortless use with unmatched precision.

Productivity tracker

Timeular helps you understand where your time goes, simplifies performance tracking, and empowers you to make every minute count.

Timesheet app

Save time on creating timesheets! Timeular enables you to track time effortlessly under 1 minute a day, leaving manual time tracking behind.

Team time tracker

Both small businesses and enterprises use Timeular to optimize teamwork, manage time off requests, create schedules and reports.

Work hours tracker

Log work time effortlessly to ensure accurate payroll. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual tracking and record your time with no stress.

Project time tracker

Project management requires diligent project tracking. Track costs and hours worked to spot potential delays and manage resources effectively.

Automatic time tracker

Automatic time tracking logs your activities to ensure you can always recollect what you worked on last Monday.

Are you looking for a seamless Payroll Time Tracker?

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How do you calculate accurate payroll?

To ensure precision in payroll processing, consider integrating your payroll software with Timeular – a sophisticated yet user-friendly employee time tracking software. By doing so, you can run payroll with confidence, knowing that the timesheets are accurate and reflective of actual employee hours worked, thanks to the enjoyable and effortless tracking experience Timeular offers to employees.

How to best run payroll processing for hourly employees and remote teams?

To run payroll processing for hourly employees or remote teams, you need to integrate a dedicated time tracking system with your accounting software. The best time tracking software is simple, with a strong set of time tracking tools. Keep in mind that to track employee time accurately, you need a non-intrusive

Can I manage time off requests in Timeular?

Yes, you can. Apart from being an employee time tracking software, Timeular is a leave tracker that lets you manage time and attendance as well as PTO of your entire team. Combining time tracking features with information about paid time off and overtime simplifies time-consuming employee scheduling, resource management, and payroll processing.