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The team time tracker that teams truly enjoy

Timeular is the go-to team time tracking tool embraced by over 50,000 teams that rediscovered the joy and accuracy of time tracking.

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timeular for teams


User roles

Create and control the structure of your workspace

To streamline team collaboration, assign team subscriptions, and set up project folders and tags

Discover best time management tools Folders

Simply organize projects into folders, assign activities that should be tracked, and easily decide which ones to bill with set hourly rates.


Invite your team members to projects’ folders. Assign two types of roles: Supervisors, who manage folders and teams, and Contributors, who can see only their time entries.

Tags & Notes

Define separate tags for each folder. Team members will be able to add notes to each entry. Tags and notes are shared with all team members involved in a project.


Who likes to log time manually? That’s right, nobody. This is why we created Timeular, the best time tracking software for teams

“It’s always been a challenge getting the team to provide decent, accurate documentation. Timeular has removed this challenge”

“People complain a lot less about time tracking now because of the easy interface of Timeular. It’s made time tracking a lot less of an obstacle and much more accessible.”

“I would highly recommend Timeular for small teams like ours. Timeular has been a game-changer for us, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

“We’ve saved an impressive lot of time with Timeular. Monthly time reviews that were previously taking up half a day every month now take 15 minutes. It’s an immense time saver!”


Timeular is NOT an employee monitoring software

Creating a safe and trusting environment is crucial for teams to provide honest and accurate timesheets. That’s why Timeular is not just a basic time tracking app – it is a time tracking solution that prioritizes the privacy protection of your company and employees.

GDPR compliant

Unlike many other time-tracking apps, Timeular is fully compliant with GDPR, ensuring that user data is protected and privacy rights are respected.


Employees will only track honestly if they don’t feel monitored in real-time. Therefore Timeular has a 24h delay for time entries to appear on the manager’s side.


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FAQ about time tracking software for teams

Do you offer volume discounts for teams?

Yes, please get in touch with sales here.

Does Timeular integrate with project management tools?

Yes, in Timeular you can track time and billable hours based on data from your project management or task management software. You can as well easily integrate your Google calendar and other tools for automatic time mapping and detailed reporting to avoid manual time entry for good.

Does Timeular provide offline time tracking?

Yes, with Timeular you can track employee hours offline and online. Thanks to a mobile app, tracking time on the go is simple.

How to choose the best time tracker app?

You can choose a free time tracking app or a more advanced paid solution to choose the ultimate time tracking software. Free time tracking apps usually offer basic time tracking features and don’t allow working with unlimited users and projects. For this reason, consider a paid time tracking app for your team.

Look for simple time tracking tools that combine:
– easy time tracking methods,
– tracking real-time data on a desktop and mobile app
– integrations with project management tools.

Ensure unlimited team members and remote workers can track time spent on specific tasks and capture project progress. Keep in mind that your time tracking software should allow you to generate reports with just a click to save time spent on invoicing.

How to use time tracking apps with your team?

Tracking time with simple time tracking software like Timeular is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require advanced time management skills:

1. Set up a free account in Timeular, install the time tracking tool on your devices, or access it online, and go through the fast onboarding process.
2. Invite your team members to the time tracking app. Create folders for teams, projects, and yourself. Integrate with your task management or project management tool if needed.
3. Set activities and assign them to projects.
4. Encourage employees to track their working hours every day.
5. Regularly review the time tracking data for insights and employee productivity optimization.

To ensure that your team tracks time regularly, choose a simple time tracking app with an intuitive user interface, automated reminders to track time, and a physical time tracker. Time tracking needs to be easy.

How to track employee performance with time tracking apps

Best time tracking software, such as Timeular, assist in measuring employee performance by facilitating precise monitoring of productive hours and offering insights into time allocation.

This empowers employees to enhance their workflow, prioritize tasks, and efficiently manage their time, ultimately leading to heightened productivity and improved work-life balance.

To ensure that tracking time with your team is seamless, choose a automatic time tracking app that will simplify time tracking to help you track progress, capture relevant data and create detailed reports about your team’s productivity.