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Zero-Effort Timer App

Welcome to Timeular: the ultimate timer app that transforms how you track time spent on projects and tasks, blending effortless use with unmatched precision

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Easily capture work time and breaks


Track time in under 1 minute a day 


Use an optional hardware Tracker


What is a timer app?

A timer app is an online tool with a stopwatch function that lets you accurately track working time spent on specific projects and tasks. By using it, you can recall all activities completed throughout the day, week, or month, and decode your work patterns to improve productivity and time management.


What makes Timeular a top-choice timer app?

30 days for free. Cancel anytime.


A physical time Tracker 

Timeular is widely known for its hardware Tracker that works as a physical stopwatch that connects to the app via Bluetooth. Assign your activities to each side and flip the dice to start the timer for a new task. 


Simplified time tracking methods

Choose the method that suits your work style best. Flip the physical Tracker, use keyboard shortcuts, or rely on automatic tracking. Each way is 100% effortless, fast, and accurate.

time saver


It’s a real time saver

By integrating intelligent yet straightforward tracking methods, we’ve streamlined the timesheet creation process to just under a minute a day. That’s likely 30 times faster than what you’re used to!

work hours tracker feature 2


Work time and breaks under control

To ensure accurate time reports and compliance with labor laws, it’s essential to track both work hours and breaks. With Timeular, there’s no need for manual notes.

work hours reports


Built-in Pomodoro timer

The Pomodoro Technique boosts your productivity by breaking down your work into 25-minute intervals, separated by 5-minute breaks, helping you maintain energy and focus.

automatic time tracking


Automated timesheet population

You can choose to create your time reports automatically, based on your app usage, website visits, and calendar events. Rest assured, all this data remains private and exclusively accessible to you.


One-click time and productivity reports

See a comprehensive overview of weekly, daily, and monthly hours clocked in, and generate in-depth time reports with just one click.


Transparent client billing 

Say goodbye to under-billing and overservicing! Simply label your tasks as billable or non-billable, set hourly rates, and let the timer capture every minute worked for a client. 


Streamlined team collaboration

Want to use your timer app together with your team? Not a biggie! Simply invite your team members to your workspace, create folders, and assign them to projects. 

“People complain a lot less about time tracking now because of the easy interface of Timeular. It’s made time tracking a lot less of an obstacle and much more accessible.”

“Tracking in Timeular has increased the amount of hours worked that are reported. Before some things were forgotten and missed off.”

“We have become 20% more profitable because everyone is in the habit of time tracking.”

Timeular is a godsend for people like me who get easily distracted. No longer will I look back at my day and say “what was I doing between 10 am and 1 pm?

Timeular is the best thing since sliced bread. Unless you are billing your time tracking on top, get this tool.


Timer app – additional features you will love

Overtime tracking 

Automatically record extra hours worked. Both overtime and deficit hours are calculated based on configured work schedules and requested leave.

Automatic reminders 

Get automatic notifications to set your timer. If your time entry is too long, you will get a notification to make sure you are tracking the right task. 

Offline tracking 

Log time entries wherever you are, with or without an Internet connection. Your time tracking data will sync automatically once you’re back online.

Web app, desktop timer app 

Access Timeular directly by downloading the desktop timer app directly to your computer. Alternatively, choose the web app to use it without installation. 

Android and iOS timer app 

Tracking time with a mobile app is possible, too. Our mobile apps can be used as a companion to the desktop app or as a ‘lite’ standalone version. 

3,000+ integrations 

Integrate Timeular to your project management, task management or payroll software. Use native integrations or build your own, using our API. 

GDPR compliant 

In contrast to various other timer apps, Timeular complies entirely with GDPR regulations, safeguarding timesheet data and upholding privacy rights.

Anti-surveillance system

To foster honest time tracking, managers have access to data with a 24-hour delay, ensuring employees don’t feel constantly monitored.

Friendly support

We’re always here to assist you to make your time productive. If you have any questions, simply reach out using the chat icon in the bottom right corner.


How to track time with a timer app?

work hours tracking – sign up


Set up a free account

Start a 30-day trial. Register with your Google, Apple, or Microsoft account to make things quick. Download the desktop app or use a web app.

invite your team members


Invite your team members to use the timer app together 

Timeular lets you track time individually or in a team. Invite multiple users to your workspace to clock in and track time together to streamline employee scheduling and calculate payroll with ease.

setting work activities and tasks


Add folders and various activities 

List all the tasks and various activities you want to track and group them into projects to keep things clear.



Integrate Timeular with your favourite apps

Connect Timeular to other tools like project management apps or task management software to speed up time tracking even further.

start tracking work time your way


Track time your way

It’s time to start the stopwatch to learn how much time is spent on different tasks. Set your timer through a hardware time Tracker, automated time tracking, or keyboard shortcuts.

generate detailed reports


Generate detailed reports with one click

Effortlessly generate time tracking reports and download them in PDF format. Create invoices and send custom reports to your customers, employers, or HR.


Timeular is much more than a timer app

Leave tracker

Effortlessly monitor all types of leaves in one place, including paid time off, sick leave, time off in lieu, and many more.

Billable hours tracker

Track billable time spent on each project and client to create invoices covering 100% of your billable hours. Bid farewell to overservicing.

Project time tracker

Easily monitor project progress, identify bottlenecks, allocate resources efficiently, and ensure each project stays on schedule.

Automatic time tracker

Keeping track of time just got much easier! Add automatic time entries based on your app usage, visited websites and Calendar events.

Time tracking app

Looking for a simple and frictionless way to ensure accurate timesheets with zero effort? Try Timeular time tracking app!

Productivity tracker

As a productivity tracker, Timeular gives you the ability to understand where your time goes and how to spend it in a more productive way.

Team time tracker

Timeular is not an employee monitoring software. Instead, it’s the preferred team time tracker that employees enjoy and rely on.

Work hours tracker

Timeular is the best time tracking software to capture work hours, providing a smooth way to create time entries in seconds, not hours.

Time entry system

Use a hassle-free time tracker to create your time entries. Select from user-friendly time tracking methods to eliminate manual timekeeping.


Looking for a user-friendly timer app?

Join over 50,000 users who made a choice to track time without hassle


Does Timeular timer offer a Pomodoro timer?

Yes, Timeular assists you with using a Pomodoro technique to improve your productivity levels. Set up the Pomodoro timer for 25 minutes to track working intervals, short breaks and a long break automatically.

Does Timeular timer offer a time clock app?

Yes, Timeular has extensive features, including a time clock app that lets you effortlessly clock in and out, track employee hours and manage employee schedules.

Does Timeular timer app provide dark mode?

Yes, in Timeular you can choose between a dark mode, light mode or automatic mode. You can adjust it in Settings.

Can I use Timeular timer on my phone?

You can track project expenses by adding hourly rates to each activity. To keep project budgets in check, set automatic reminders to inform you when you are close to reaching a budget limit.

How can I quickly compare multiple timers?

To compare multiple timers, visit our blog, which lists the best timer apps and best apps for productivity tracking. Based on the articles, you can spot the differences between a free timer app and a paid timer.

Remember that even the best timer apps provide different sets of features and support levels. However, a frictionless experience is a must-have for all timer apps. The best way to compare multiple timers is to start a free trial, download the app to your device, and explore its features and interface yourself.

However, keep in mind that in multiple timers a free version of the software doesn’t give you access to all app functions.