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Automated time tracking for zero-effort time reports

Fill in your time sheets automatically based on app usage, visited websites and scheduled calendar events.

No credit card required


100% private

Your data is securely stored on your device and available exclusively to you. Neither managers nor colleagues can access it.



Track what you want and nothing more. Blacklist apps and websites that should not be tracked, and they won’t appear in your time reports.


Clean data

Instead of cluttered dashboards filled with overwhelming details, you get pre-filtered data, which is easy to digest.


Track app usage to recall your work activities

Check which apps, docs and websites you’ve worked with at a specific time and decide what turns into an automatic time entry and is reported to your managers or customers.

automatic time entries


Easily turn your scheduled Calendar events into time entries

Seamlessly bridge the gaps in your timesheet with a calendar integration. Transform scheduled events into time entries by connecting your Apple, Outlook, Google or CalDAV calendars.

automatic context tracking


Block undesired URLs

Tailor your tracking preferences by adding selected apps and websites to a blocklist, ensuring that any time spent on them won’t be recorded.


Tracking exclusively on your local machine

All time tracking data is stored locally on your device. It’s you and only you who can access it.

automatic time tracking in Timeular


How to start tracking time automatically with Timeular


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No more time wasted at the end of the week, trying to guess what you did on Monday morning at 11 o’clock

“Tracking in Timeular has increased the amount of hours worked that are reported. Before some things were forgotten and missed off.”

“It’s always been a challenge getting the team to provide decent, accurate documentation. Timeular has removed this challenge”

“People complain a lot less about time tracking now because of the easy interface of Timeular. It’s made time tracking a lot less of an obstacle and much more accessible.”

“I would highly recommend Timeular for small teams like ours. Timeular has been a game-changer for us, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

Start tracking your time automatically with zero effort

Fill in your time sheets based on app usage, visited websites and scheduled calendar events



What is automatic time tracking?

Automated time tracking is a streamlined process of recording time without manual effort. In a time tracking software like Timeular, automatic time tracking is based on scheduled events retrieved from your Calendar app, as well as from visited websites and opened apps. You can simply turn your logged activities into time entries, without the need to remember what you did on Monday morning at 11 o’clock. 

What are the advantages of automatic time tracking?

Auto time tracker offers several key advantages. It increases the number of logged hours by eliminating human errors and guesswork. Additionally, it saves valuable manual effort by seamlessly logging activities, freeing users from the cumbersome manual tracking process. Lastly, it serves as an effective motivator for team members to track time diligently, as it significantly speeds up the entire time logging process and increases employee accountability.

Why is an automated time tracking app such a productivity booster?

Automated time tracking is a productivity booster because it eliminates the need for manual time tracking. With Timeular’s automatic tracking features running seamlessly in the background, you are spared the time-consuming task of manual recording, allowing you to focus entirely on your work without any interruptions. This increased efficiency empowers you to make the most of your time and optimize productivity throughout your day.

How much is an automatic time tracking software?

The cost of automatic time tracking software can vary depending on the provider. At Timeular, you can get started with a free trial for the first 30 days. After that, the paid plans begin at 6.30 euros per month (if billed annually), offering various features and benefits to enhance your time-logging experience.

For what businesses is an automatic time tracking app?

Typical users of time tracking apps are a marketing agency, a consulting companies, and any other business that runs different projects and needs to track project profitability, team workload, and billable hours worked to create detailed reports for their customers. 
Time tracking apps are used both by enterprise businesses and small teams. They are useful for efficient project management and smooth business operations. 
Time tracking apps are often used for tracking personal productivity as well. 
Automated time trackers specifically are favorite productivity tools for teams that struggle with manual time tracking and are seeking optimization in that field.

What’s the difference between a free time tracking app and paid time tracking tools?

A free time tracking app usually provides only basic time tracking for up to five users (very small teams). If you are looking for the best time tracking software with premium features like unlimited projects, unlimited users, unlimited integrations with other apps, and a streamlined flow of time tracked on multiple devices (through a mobile app, web app, and a desktop app), you usually need to choose time tracking apps with paid plans.