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Track time the way you want

Make time tracking effortless for your team.

  • Use Calendar view to add time entries
  • Get a physical device to build time tracking habits
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to track time without losing focus

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With our Quicktrack you don’t need to enter the desktop app to start and change your time tracking. With one global shortcut the Quicktrack popup appears and let’s you pick up on previous tasks, or start new ones.

Calendar View

Add time entries manually to the calendar. With a simple drag and drop, it’s super easy to make sure the timesheets are accurate.

Timeular Tracker

Make time tracking tactile. Build a habit using muscle memory and a powerful physical reminder. Design your very own Tracker – use stickers for your activities or colors to match your work day.

Context tracking

Context tracking visualizes which apps and websites you’ve used throughout the day, so you can easily fill your timesheet. Don’t worry about privacy – all data is stored locally, and you can choose which activities will be turned to time entries.


Teams like yours save countless hours with Timeular. See how.

No more “lost” time spent on projects but not invoiced to the customer.

We’ve been able to bill clients more transparently and identified tasks that could be handed off, freeing up management’s time.

We are much better at accurately tracking our time, which improves client billing. It also helps our team focus on their work rather than skipping around from one task to another.

A better understanding of how long each step takes and an easier way to invoice for work. Clients love the reports I get right from Timeular.

Make time tracking easy for your team

Increase profitability & bill accurately with the effortless time tracking app. Never chase a timesheet again!