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Timeular’s easy and smart experience makes improving your productivity fun:

  • Spend less time on unnecessary tasks
  • Work on what matters the most
  • Achieve your goals faster while doing less

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Flexible setup to track everything that matters

Measure productivity by efficiency

Every workflow and process has its blind spots hidden somewhere along the way. Measure time spent at every step to find things to improve. Do it over and over again until it’s good enough.

Measure productivity by $

Time is money. It costs you money; it makes you money. With Timeular’s billable time feature, you can track whether things are billable. You can see if 60%, 80%, or 100% of your time is spent on revenue-generating activities or not and improve from there.

Measure productivity by impact

Need to report how much time is spent on different areas and services? Add them as activities, share them with your team, and start tracking.

track billable time

Your productivity at a glance

Get an accurate view of your productivity in 10+ different ways. Filter and round it to your needs. Save different views for quick access. Export it as PDF, CSV, AND XLSX.

export time tracking activities

Give your time value for a more tangible analysis

Add hourly rates to all activities. Automatically calculate totals to see what your time is worth. See at a glance which activities are bringing the most value.

filter time tracking

Integrate your Calendars

Everything takes longer than expected until we become aware of it. Only then we start becoming more efficient. By connecting your calendar you can easily compare your plans with reality.

integrate calendars in timeular
“Timeular is a very easy to use, fit for purpose, simple time tracking tool. I use it to track billable hours and it makes doing timesheets significantly less painful.”
“I love that I can create multiple spaces and activities within those spaces so I can track how much time I spend on certain tasks for each client.”
“Excellence in Time Tracking Reporting! Highly recommend and has made my efficiency level improve greatly. So easy to use and reassign the tracker. Very happy with my purchase.”
“Timeular has proven to be not only useful but so incredibly insightful. I am a consultant and wanted to use Timeular to track billable hours, but once I realized it’s potential, I immediately upgraded to the Pro plan”

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