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Have an impact without sacrificing everything for work.

We’re a small team by choice, but 100k+ users and 10M+ revenue show we still can have a big impact. Our mission is to help teams track, understand, and improve how they spend their time, the most valuable resource in life. We’re very user-focused, supporting more teams each day, however, without sacrificing our life outside of work.


We value everyone’s time

It starts with relentless focus on saving our user’s time. But even internally, we have few meetings and a meeting-free day. We create simple processes and keep overhead to the bare minimum. Plus we offer loads of paid days off, unlimited sick days, paid parental leave, and flexible work schedule to value our time outside of work too.


We’re not a family, we’re running buddies.

We strive for ambitious goals together, supporting each other to move things forward, giving and seeking honest feedback to improve, and plenty of deep work time to focus on our own. Everyone is welcome as long as they share our running goals and values.


We’re fully distributed and async first since 2016

We default to thoughtful written communication but occasionally have face time for aligning, celebrating wins, and solving challenges. To not miss out on the real world experience, we meet somewhere different three times per year to strengthen our relationships even further and just have a fun time together.

“I can do what I do best, learn new skills and face new challenges. I like working here because we are encouraged to learn from failures, and there’s a solid culture of psychological safety, trust, and respect.”
“I’ve never worked anywhere with such a unique and supportive company culture as Timeular. My time here has, without a doubt, been the best of my professional career.”
“I enjoy the flexible schedule, development opportunities, and dynamic environment. The amazing people are the icing on the cake. Hard-working & fun, driven to improve daily while enjoying the work.”
“It’s so encouraging to have this level of trust and creative freedom. And the team has been so open hearted since day one that it felt like we’ve known each other for years.”
“I’ve never experienced the trust and freedom given here. I have plenty focus time to code and little overhead beyond that. I can even decide what to work on, as long as it beneficial for our customers. “
“The flexibility and support among the team is incredible. I enjoy Monday mornings because it means another week of solving exciting challenges with a great team. And not just work.”

What we offer



We pay competitive transparent salaries, that are increased every year without annoying negotiations. 5% bonus based on company targets. 2000€ to set up your home office. Profit sharing and stock options. Plus 5% more salary in case you opt for 40 instead of 50 days PTO.


Professional playground

Work is serious, but it doesn’t need to be boring. We offer plenty of challenges, unknown territories to explore, opportunities to learn from each other, budgets to level up skills, safe space to make mistakes, and cool-down periods to get everything in shape for the next challenges.



Work when and where you want as long as you get your work done and cover 13:00-17:00 CET (Rome). 40h workweek is enough. Take your time when last-minute challenges with kids and life happen. See your family grow with 12 weeks of paid parental leave for the primary caregiver and 6 weeks for anyone else.


Great team

Everyone’s team is great, so what makes us unique? We’re supportive, direct, respectful, ambitious, and share a deep commitment to improving our users’ life. We’re introverts, extroverts, come from across the globe, don’t discriminate based on any factor, and are looking to increase our diversity even more. We are curious about many different things, but in the end, all strive for one thing: having a great time while having an impact.

Sounds intriguing? Check our open positions and join us!


How does the interview process work?

  1. Answer just a few written questions, instead of spending hours on a motivation letter and a CV
  2. If we see a fit – Quick 15-30min call so we can get to know each other
  3. If we both see a fit – Take home exercise capped to 2-4h work max
  4. If the result is good – Call with your future manager and one team member
  5. If you all still see a fit – Job offer
Why should I not work at Timeular?

Over the years we’ve learned that if you don’t like dynamic, fast-moving environments, or you need the office buzz, or don’t like to keep growing and improving yourself, Timeular is not the right place for you.

Do you hire from all time zones?

While we’re fully distributed and async by default, we only hire people who can cover 13:00-17:00 CET (Rome) time zones without sacrificing their life outside of work. That timeframe is needed to have face-to-face time across the team.

Does the CEO understand marketing?

Yes. Our growth team decides if we’ll launch on TikTok or not, and what else to focus on.

What is your tech stack?

On the frontend side we use ElectronCSSTypescriptReactReact Native, and Redux.

The main languages for our backend-microservices are Kotlin and more recently, Rust. Our tech stack evolves, based on our needs and preferences and we also had services built with Node.js, Golang, and Java in the past.

On the infrastructure side, we run Kubernetes on AWS for our cluster, Postgres for the data layer, and RabbitMQ for events.

For provisioning and setup, we rely mostly on Ansible and Terraform. Regarding monitoring, we use PrometheusGrafana, and the ELK stack for logging.

Blockchain is not involved. Sorry.

Can you tell me more about your diversity and inclusion?

While we strive to be diverse and inclusive, we recognise that we still have work to do on the hiring side of things. We had many kinds of people coming and going, and no one ever left because they didn’t feel welcome and included. We do not discriminate on any basis and never have. However, we usually just put our jobs out there and see what comes in. That doesn’t necessarily create a diverse pipeline and here we have to learn and catch up.