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How a marketing agency increased profitability and customer loyalty

How a marketing agency increased profitability and customer loyalty

22GRAD is an award-winning, German, full-service advertising agency and digital agency.

The challenge: efficiently gathering accurate information

Felix Kaczmarek, owner of 22GRAD, promotes a fair customer billing policy which means the company does not operate using fees and retainers. Each client is charged according to the time spent on a project down to the minute – no more, no less.

Implementing this policy successfully means that Felix needs to provide precise documentation detailing the work done in the time charged, all without spending lots of precious time tracking it.

The solution: tracking time and exporting data

Felix and his team chose Timeular as they knew that its easy-to-use interface and range of features would help them achieve their goals. Using the quick filters and smart rounding feature to compile the necessary data for invoicing, Felix exports the monthly data and shares this with each client to maintain transparency and customer loyalty.

Timeular provided insight into how the team was spending their time and they were surprised to see how much time was spent in internal meetings. Rather than eliminating these meetings, Felix came up with ways to enhance internal meetings to make sure that there was a specific purpose to each one. These included sharing recent learnings, group learning activities and collaborative brainstorming, all which had a positive result.

By analysing the reports built by Timeular, the team was also able to identify inefficiencies and tackle them to boost profitability.

The outcome: increased efficiency and profitability

Timeular’s data enabled 22GRAD to bill more time, increase efficiency and increase the marketing agency’s profit margin, and through their transparency, earn clients’ trust and loyalty.

Like all agencies, 22GRAD must constantly balance the number of active projects with agency size. All in all, increasing the agency’s stability and predictability.

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